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Silk-screened Glass  

Chinastar Silkscreen glass is made by using ceramic frit to print graphics through a special screen onto float glass. Melt colorant into glass surface in tempering furnace and subsequently a silkscreen glass product with qualities of non-fading and multi-pattern is manufactured.

· Chinastar toughened silk-screened printed glass provides varying degrees of privacy whilst still creating a sense of openness and space, affording good light levels in a room.
· With a high level of flexibility an endless variety of effects can be achieved to satisfy design, vision control and other personal requirements.
· With Its safety features as a toughened glass you have versatility in where the product can be used.
· Chinastar toughened silk-screened printed glass is a highly durable product and is also suitable for wet or humid conditions, making it an ideal product for the bathroom
· Shower screens   · All-Glass Entrances and Interior Partitions
· Signage, Storefronts and Exterior Window Walls   · Commercial fixed and Operable Windows
· Canopies and Skylights   · Furniture such as table tops & display cabinets    · Shelving
Do you know?
· Silkscreen glass can not be recuted, customers must confirm size and shape when ordering.
· It takes more time to produce silkscreen glass when special color or silkscreen must be re-prepared.
· When silkscreen glass is used for facade or window, the printed side faces inward.
· The printing method is one-side printing.
  Silk-screened Glass
Silk Screened Glass - Machine-1
Silk Screened Glass - Machine-2
Silk Screened Glass - Machine-3
Production introduction  
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