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Silver Mirror  

Chinastar Silver Mirror is produced through a trinal processing work by coating a silver film, a copper film and two layers of waterproof paint on the back of flat and smooth-surface float glass.

We strictly control the production by ecological paint by lead free; also we can mamange the production to use non cooper film process for copper free silver mirror. it prevents heavy metal contamination with copper and lead, to establish one wondeful ecological environment.

·Environmentally friendly
·Transforms internal spaces with brilliance and perspective
·Optical quality and durability
·Easy processing and installation
·Increase the feeling of space and enhances interiors
·Processed product variations, suitable for cutting into regular and more unusual shapes, after cutting, it can be drilled and edgeworked (bevel, arris etc), Like traditional mirrors, wall mirror, decorative mirror, safety mirror, furniture mirror. The front face of the mirror can be customized by means of sandblasting or engraving to create patterns, logos, and graphics etc.
·Environmentally friendly
·In communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls, lifts or landings
·In shopping centers and retail stores
·In bars, restaurants, clubs, theatresand cinemas
·In public buildings, offices, clinics and hospitals
·To be used as framed or unframed mirrors
·For paneling on walls, doors or pillars
·In furniture (tables, cupboard doors, shelves etc.
Installation Guidelines
·The wall should be perfectly smooth and flat.
·If the installation surface is too irregular, fix a plywood panel before installing the glass.
·Do not install on damp walls.
·Avoid installing close to heat sources (heating, cookers etc).
·There are two possible fixing methods.
·Adhesive: Using compatible mirror adhesives (test reaction of the glue on the lacquer/silver if in doubt about whether the glue is neutral), or double-sided adhesive tape.
·Mechanical fixing: Using mirror rail (can be used to mask irregularities in the wall), fixing brackets or 'J'-section trim.
·The gap between two panels should normally be 3mm.
· The adhesive should be applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations, and also allow for the circulation of air behind the mirror; for example as vertical pencil size beads. Production Range
Production Range
·Thickness: 1mm ~ 8mm
·Color: Clear, Ulra clear, Bronze, Green, Blue, Grey, Crystal yellow, Pink etc.
·Back paint color : dark grey , green, milk white, red or as per request.
·Regular Sizes: 630x930mm, 914x1220mm, 1220x1830mm, 1600x2250mm, 1830x2440mm, 2134x3300mm, 2250x3300mm, 2134x3660mm, 2440x3660mm, any cutting and design size is available as per request.
  Silver Mirror
Silver Mirror
Silver Mirror Production Line-1
Silver Mirror Production Line-2
Production introduction  
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