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Low-e Glass  

Chinastar Low-E Glass is a series of high performance low-emissivity products manufactured by introdicing state-of-the-art vacuum sputtering coating equipment and technology. The vacuum sputtering process coats glass surface with several layers of different materials. this product offers high transparency, low reflectivity, good thermal insulating and energy-saving properties required for green building design.

How does it work?
Thermally insulating glass (also known as low-emissivity or low-E glass) usually forms the inner pane of an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU). The glass has a transparent metallic coating that reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time it allows free heat and light from the sun (known as passive solar heat gain) to pass through the glass, warming your home and further contributing to the energy efficiency of your windows
Window Energy Ratings
Government Building Regulations require us to use energy efficient glass products that help to reduce CO2 emmisions and protect the environment. These regulations have recently been updated to include a Window Energy Rating scheme which assess the overall energy efficiency of a window and offers a further means of compliance. Using high performance thermally insulating glass such as Low-E Glass, glazed in a suitable framing system, is the most effective way of improving window energy ratings.
Using thermally insulating double glazing is the best way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows and make your home environment more comfortable.

·Improved thermal insulation - reduced heat loss saves you money on your heating bills.
·Promotes passive solar heat gain - free heat from the sun passes easily through the glass helping to warm the home.
·Improved energy efficiency - reduced need for heating helps to save energy and protect the environment.
·More comfortable rooms - improved thermal insulation means fewer cold spots and drafts near windows and doors.
·Less condensation - the inner surface of the glass stays warmer, reducing internal condensation and prolonging the life of your windows.

Thermally insulating glass can be combined with many other products for multi-functional glazing, such as low-maintenance, solar control, noise reduction, decorative glass and enhanced safety and security.
  Low-e Glass
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Production introduction  
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