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Insulating Glass  

Chinastar Insulating glass is composed of two or more sheets of glass with space partitioned by aluminum spacer frame filled with high efficiently desiccant. the aluminum spacer and sheets of glass are adhered by butyl and then sealed by silicon. The dry air or argon gas has extremely lower heat conductivity which can directly bolock the thermal conduction effectively, to meet the request for energy saving, anti-dew, sound-insulation, ultraviolet rays proofing etc. 

·Energy Saving: For the low heat conductibility of, the sealed air between the glass, the insulated, glass can reduce heat transfer from inside to, outside. Therefore, it can save energy by 30%-, 50%.
·Sound Insulation Performance: Single layer glass, can reduce noise to 20-22dB. Normal insulated, glass can reduce noise to 29-31 while special, insulated glass to 45dB.
·Anti-dew: Double glazing glass is filled enough,desiccant which can efficiently absorb vapor in,the inner space or penetrated from outside to ensure,the gas in inner space is absolutely dry and won't dew.
·Glass curtain wall and light absorption shade,of residential area, such as:
·Office building,
·Office building,
·Hotel and library
Other places that need keeping warm, saving energy and keeping silent.
Production Range
·Maximum size: 3660*2440mm; Minimum size: 300x300mm.
·Flat glass thickness range: 4mm ~ 19mm.
·Interspaces: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 22mm or as per request.
  Insulating Glass
Insulating Glass Model
Insulating Glass Low-e
Insulating Glass group
Production introduction  
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