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Acid Etched Glass  

Chinastar Acid Etched Glass is fingerprint free with an attractive smooth silky surface and innovatively decorative glass. it admits the light whilst still provides obscuration and vision controlling, which is popularly used to the decoration in any houses.  

Chinastar make the acid etched glass to be avaialble as Clear and any Tinted float glass available and workable, to meet the personalized request in design and application.

·When used in the home Chinastar acid etched glass helps to create a unique feeling of warmth and elegance by diffusing light and emitting a certain purity of colour and light
·Both internally and externally Chinastar acid etched glass provides privacy by obscuring unwanted attention, without compromising light levels
·Own to its satin-smooth surface the glass does not mark with dirt and fingerprints, as readily as traditional etched and sandblasted glasses,providing a low maintenance product
Ideal for use in interiors, Chinastar acid etched glass can be sited in a wide variety of applications:
·Shower screens (the acid etched face needsto be positioned away from contact with thewater)
·Wall cladding
·Furniture, eg cupboard doors, shelves and tables.
Installation Guidelines
The strength of the support structure must be taken into account when calculating the size of the panels. Avoid installing glass directly in contact with a significant heat source Positioning of the glass sheets:

·Pattern facing upwards for reduced slippage
·Pattern facing downwards for areas in which ease of cleaning is important.
·Ensure the Silicon used is compatible with the Glass
Production Range
·Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm.
·Color: Clear, Bronze, Grey, Green, Blue, Pink etc. (all colors available in Tinted Float Glass workable and available)
·Regular Sizes: 1600x2250mm, 1650x2200mm, 1830x2440mm, 2134x3300mm, 2250x3300mm, 2134x3660mm, 2440x3660mm, your design size is available as per request. 
  Acid Etched Glass
Acid Etched Glass-1
Acid Etched Glass-2
Acid Etched Glass-3
Production introduction  
For detailed, technical product information on this glass, click on the corresponding product file (s)
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