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Non glare Glass  

Chinastar Anti-glare glass is one specially processed glass which can avoid interfere of ultraviolet radiation whilst strengthen the sight results to the surface of the glass sheet. It is widely used to the photo frame application, the most advantaged non Glare glass is made to be the screens as TV, DLP, PDP, EEB, LCD etc.

·Giving light transmission characteristics of up to 91-92%,obtain maximum product visibility and transparency
·Offers state-of-the-art technical solutions
·Cancel eyestrain ,keep eyes in good health
·Deepprocessing ,tempered ,curved, laminated ,double glazing ,silk-screen printing etc
·TV Screens
·Advertisement Screens
·Display Cabinet
·Photo Frames
·Electronic Instrument
How to use Anti-glare glass ?
We recommend to spray the cleaning agent onto the cloth and not directly onto Anti-glare glass. The easiest way to remove dirt from Anti-glare glass is to use a mixture of alcohol (spiritus) and (soft) water (50/50) and a microfiber cloth. In case of applying a ready made glass cleaning agent, we recommend to check our list of suitable cleaning agents. Depending on the cleaning agents, Anti-glare glass may require a drying time up to 10 minutes. Be aware that alkaline, fluorine and silicon containing cleaning agents (typically marked as “shiny”) may cause damage to the surface of Anti-glare glass . In case of severe pollution, we recommend the use of hand warm (soft) water in combination with a small amount of dishwashing detergent (1 ml detergent per 1 liter water). Please do not soak Anti-glare glass in the dishwashing liquid but apply the mixture with a microfiber-cloth. In case of striations, please wipe Anti-glare glass with a damp microfiber or cotton cloth. In case of extreme pollution, this procedure may need to be repeated. Please check our list of suitable dishwashing detergent.
Production Range
·Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
·Regular Sizes: 914x1220mm, 1220x1830mm, 1830x2440mm, 2134x3300mm, 2440x3300mm, 2440x3660mm up to 2440x6000mm. your design sizes is workable as per request.
  Non glare Glass
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Production introduction  
For detailed, technical product information on this glass, click on the corresponding product file (s)
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