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Tinted Float Glass  

Chinastar tinted float glass is made of molten glass mixing with a prescribed  quantity of tint agent, which flows through tweel to tin bath and then to lehr. While floating through the molten tin, the glass under the works of gravity and the surface tension becomes smooth and flat at both sides. Tints available are French Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Brozne, Grey and so forth.  the glass has a coloured appearance, as well as basic solar control properties.

Chinastar has strict tolerances on its colored glass and ensures through precise quality control the tinted glass is same color tone within a batch and across batches year after year
·Commercial and civil buildings.
·Interior decoration.
·Show windows.
·Automobile Specification
Production Range
·Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm.,12mm
· Regular Sizes: 2134x1524mm, 2200x1650mm, 2550x1605mm, 2750x1605mm, 2134x3300mm, 2140x3300mm, 2134x3660mm, 2440x3660mm, your design size is available as per request.
·Color: French Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Euro Bronze, Golden Bronze, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Mist Grey, Crystal yellow, Pink and Ocean Blue etc.
  Tinted Float Glass
Tinted Float Line
Bronze Float Glass
Green Float Glass
Production introduction  
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